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Yes, in Totem we develop software, and we do it with the knowledge acquired over 10 years of experience in building and supporting systems for all kinds of companies, from the Fortune 500 to microenterprises (because we all need software). What makes us different? Our motives. We have created this company for two reasons: You and us.

Software development gives us the possibility to create something we can be proud of. Therefore, before giving you a product, all of us at Totem must ask ourselves: Do we believe in it? Do we vouch for it? The answer shall always be yes. That way, the founding members as well as the new ones will team up to take pride in what we do and in being part of Totem.

We know that like us, you are in the quest for excellence and constantly pushing the bar to get it. That is why you deserve an exceptional service experience based on effective, constant and friendly communication between . We are all familiar with the wise phrase "our word is our bond", but you deserve us to go further, offering transparency in every aspect, including prices, terms and deliverables. From the critical to the trivial, the only surprise must be to exceed your expectations. To us, this is the only way to create a trusting relationship that will last for several years, even after finishing our work.



Get cost savings by up to 40% while getting the best software professionals in similar time zones with advanced english skills.


Responsive web development

We have the experience and cutting edge technology that allows us to develop high performance, device agnostic web solutions.


Android application development

We offer professional Android application development services tailored to meet the needs of your company.

Programming is a social activity.

- Robert C. Martin -

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Nearshore Development Services

Our experience of more than 10 years developing applications and participating in all their construction phases, guarantees you the technical experience and the delivery times that your company needs.

If your need is to build up/upgrade your legacy systems and migrate to a more efficient platform; enhance the functionality and performance of your current applications to improve performance and effectiveness with your customers.

In addition our location enables us to offer:

  • Direct and short flights
  • Similar timezones
  • Cultural affinity
  • Advanced English skills

Responsive web development

Web applications are powerful business tools that must be functional, secure and user-friendly. We are prepared to help you create a simplified, easy-to-use web interface that seamlessly integrates with your existing systems, delivering value to your organization.

Our web development services have state of the art technology and the highest standards. In backend development we guarantee efficient data storage, security, legacy systems integrations; seeking to generate a robust and scalable system to grow your business. Our frontend development is always striving for perfection with systems that are 100% intuitive, user-friendly, accessible from any device and using the latest tools, not limited to HTML5, Angular2, Ionic2, CSS3.


Android application development

Application development cannot be limited to desktop computers or laptops, currently millions of users access the web through different mobile devices and your company cannot miss out on the opportunity to show your products or services to these potential customers.

Our service is not about moving what we have and displaying content on mobile devices. We work on developing a useful, valuable and durable solution, to reach your customers in the best possible way, taking advantage of this huge and fast growing market, as well as developing tools for the company.

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Costa Rica?



of electricity from green sources



years without armed forces



of GDP invested on free education



internet coverage in latin america

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Who We Are

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Who We Are

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